Kellogg, Elijah (1813 - 1901)

Genre: Children's Literature

Portland-born Elijah Kellogg, Jr., was both a Congregationalist minister and the son of a minister. After graduating from Bowdoin in 1840 and Andover theological Seminary in 1847, Kellogg led churches in Harpswell (1844-54) and Topsham (1871-1901) and, in fact, there's an Elijah Kellogg Congregationalist Church in Harpswell now, named for him.

Kellogg didn't begin writing children's books until he was over 50 years old, but once he started, he was prolific! His books are considered "boys'" books and were written in several series.


Elm Island Series

  • The Ark of Elm Island (1868)
  • Charlie Bell: The Waif of Elm Island (1868/1896)
  • Lion Ben of Elm Island (1868)
  • The Boy Farmers of Elm Island (1869)
  • The Hard-Scrabble of Elm Island (1870)
  • The Young Ship-Builders of Elm Island (1870)

Pleasant Cove Series

  • Arthur Brown: The Young Captain (1870, vol. 1)
  • The Young Deliverers of Pleasant Cove (1871, vol. 2)
  • The Cruise of the Casco (1871, vol. 3)
  • The Child of the Island Glen (1872, vol. 4)
  • John Godsoe's Legacy (1873, vol. 5)
  • The Fisher Boys of Pleasant Cove (1874, vol. 6

Whispering Pine Series

  • The Spark of Genius; or, The College Life of James Trafton (1871)
  • The Sophomores of Radcliffe; or, James Trafton and His Bosom Friends (1871)
  • The Whispering Pine; or, the Graduates of Radcliffe Hall (1872)
  • Winning His Spurs; or, Henry Morton's First Trial (1872)
  • The Turning of the Tide; or, Radcliffe Rich and His Patients (1873)
  • A Stout Heart; or, the Student From Over the Sea (1873)

Forest Glen Series

  • Saved By the Wind; or, The Poor Boy's Future (1874, vol. 1)
  • Wolf Run; or, the Boys of the Wilderness (1875, vol. 2)
  • Brought to the Front; or, The Young Defenders (1875, vol. 3)
  • The Mission of Black Rifle; or, On the Trail (1876, vol. 4)
  • Forest Glen; or, the Mohawk's Friendship (1877, vol. 5), Burying the Hatchet; or, the Young Brave of the Delawares (1878, vol. 6)

Good Old Times Series

  • Good Old Times; or, Grandfather's Struggle for a Homestead (1877/1905/1986; set in Gorham, Maine)
  • The Unseen Hand; or, James Renfew and His Boy Helpers (1881)

Miscellaneous; or, Series Unknown

  • Norman Cline (1869)
  • A Strong Arm and a Mother's Blessing (1880)
  • The Live Oak Boys; or, The Adventures of Richard Constable Afloat and Shore (1882)

Selected Resources

  • Spartacus to the Gladiator by Wilmot B. Mitchell (1903)

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