Cowen-Fletcher, Jane ( - )

Genre: Children's Literature

Jane Cowen-Fletcher's children's picture books have been recommended reading for many groups of children, from those who have a parent with a physical disability to those whose parents want to assure them that they are protected. Cowen-Fletcher lives in South Berwick, Maine, and serves on the South Berwick Public Library Planning Task Force. She was a Peace Corps volunteer in Benin from 1981-1983.

Selected Bibliography

  • It Takes A Village (1993/1994) is based on the African proverb and concept that child-rearing is a community activity. It won the African Studies Association's Younger Children's Book Award and was nominated for the Washington Children's Choice Picture Book Award.
  • Mama Zooms (1993/1996), about a mother in a speedy wheelchair
  • Baby Angels (1996/1997), about guardian angels that watch over a child
  • Farmer Will (2001), about a little boy and his beloved farm animal toys
  • I Love You, Baby, from Head to Toe! (2004; by Karen Padell, illus. by Cowen-Fletcher)
  • Nell's Elf (2006), about a bored child who creates an elf for a playmate.