Carroll, Gladys (1904 - 1999)

Genre: General Fiction, Non-Fiction

Born in South Berwick on June 26, 1904, Carroll grew up and lived most of her life in the house her grandfather built. She went to Berwick Academy and then graduated from Bates College in 1925 (B.A. English; honorary degree in 1945).

That same year she married Herbert A. Carroll (Bates '23; died 1983), whose work in psychology took them to Massachusetts, Illinois, New York, and Minnesota, where Gladys Carroll began writing magazine articles and books. She was homesick and eventually the couple returned to Maine, her husband teaching at the Univ. of New Hampshire.

The Carrolls had two children, Warren (1932) and Sarah [Watson] (1941). She died on 1 April 1999.

The Univ. of New Hampshire awarded Carroll an honorary master of arts in 1934, the year her book As the Earth Turns was made into a feature movie. Carroll also received Maryann Hartman Award in 1995 from the University of Maine.

Selected Bibliography


  • As the Earth Turns (1933/1995) nominated for the Pulitzer Prize
  • Cockatoo (1929)
  • Land Spell (1930)
  • A Few Foolish Ones (1935)
  • Neighbor to the Sky (1937)
  • Head of the Line (1942)
  • Dunnybrook (1943/1978)
  • While the Angels Sing (1947)
  • West of the Hill (1949)
  • Christmas without Johnny (1950)
  • One White Star (1954)
  • Sing Out the Glory (1957)
  • Come with Me Home (1960)
  • The Road Grows Strange (1965)
  • The Light Here Kindled (1967)
  • Christmas Through the Years (1968)
  • Man on the Mountain (1969)
  • Next of Kin (1974)


  • Only Fifty Years Ago (1962)
  • To Remember Forever: The Journal of a College Girl, 1922-1923 (1963)
  • New England Sees it Through, and Mist Through the Mirror (1969)
  • Years Away from Home (1972)
  • The Book That Came Alive (1979)

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