Phillips, Dale (1957 - NA)

Genre: General Fiction, Horror, Non-Fiction

Born in Providence, RI, Dale Phillips lived for most of his early life in The County. He received his BA from the University of Maine (Orono) where he took writing seminars from Stephen King. He has lived all over Maine and has traveled widely. He now resides in Massachusetts.

Selected Bibliography:

  • Shadow of the Wendigo (2013)
  • How to Improve Your Interviewing Skills (2014)

The Zack Taylor Mystery Series (Maine setting)

  • A Memory of Grief (2015)
  • A Fall From Grace (2015)
  • A Shadow on the Wall (2015)
  • A Certain Slant of Light (2015)

Story Collections

  • Fables and Fantasies (2013)
  • Strange Tales (2013)
  • Apocalypse Tango (2014)
  • Crooked Paths (2014)
  • Halls of Horror (2014)
  • Jumble Sale (2014)
  • The Big Book of Genre Stories (2014)
  • More Crooked Paths (2015)

With Other Authors

  • Insanity Tales with Stacey Longo, et al (2014)
  • Insanity Tales II: The Sense of Fear with David Daniel et al (2015)
  • Rogue Wave: Best New England Crime Stories 2015 with Mark Ammons et al (2015)
  • Red Dawn: Best New England Crime Stories 2016 with Mark Ammons (2016)