MacVane, John (1912 - 1984)

Genre: Non-Fiction

John F. MacVane was born and raised in Portland, ME. He earned a B.A. at Williams College (1933) and a B. Litt. at Exeter College, Oxford (1936). During the 1930's, he worked as a newspaper reporter for the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, the New York Sun, and the London Daily Sun. He was working for the International News Service in Paris and covered the fall of France in 1939-40, then worked for NBC as a war correspondent where he covered the North Africa campaign, Normandy on D-Day, the Dieppe raid, the liberation of Paris and the meeting of the U.S. and Russian armies on the Elbe river. He was (along with Edward R. Murrow) one of the first radio newscasters to broadcast live from London during WWII.

Post-war, he covered the UN Security Council, the Berlin Air Lift, the UN General Assembly in Paris; he was advisor to the U.S. mission to the UN, worked for ABC in NYC as producer and moderator of a weekly radio program and the weekly TV panel program United or Not.

He later worked as a weekly news commentator for WMTW-TV in Poland Spring, ME.

He died in Brunswick, ME.

Selected Titles

  • Journey Into War: War and Diplomacy in North Africa (1942)
  • On the Air in World War II (1979)