Alvord, Douglas ( - )

Genre: Children's Literature, Illustrator, Non-Fiction

Artist Douglas Alvord specializes in painting ships and other marine scenes. His illustrations of Maine boats may be seen at the Maine Maritime Museum as well as in his books. In addition to his non-fiction works on sailing, he has illustrated children's books by Maine author Sarah Orne Jewett

Selected Bibiolgraphy

Adult Titles

  • On the water: the romance and lore of America's small boats (1988)
  • Beachcruising: an illustrated guide to the boats, gear, navigation techniques, cuisine, and comforts of small boat cruising (1992)

Children's Titles

  • The country of the pointed firs by Sarah Orne Jewett (1991)
  • The white heron : a story by Sarah Orne Jewett (1990)
  • Sarah's boat : a young girl learns the art of sailing story and illustrations by Douglas Alvord (1994)

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