Staples, Arthur (1861 - 1940)

Genre: Short Stories

Arthur Gray Staples was born in Bowdoinham in 1861. He received his A.B. at Bowdoin College in 1882, an honorary A. M. in 1919 and Litt.D. in 1923 (also from Bowdoin) and an LL.D. from Bates College in 1923.

He was the city editor of the Bath Daily Times in 1882; city editor (1883-93), managing editor (1893-1919), editor-in-chief (1919-1940) of the Lewiston Journal.

He wrote a daily essay column in the Lewiston Journal called "Just Talks on Common Themes" which were later assembled into book form.

He died in 1940.


  • Just Talks on Common Themes (1919)
  • Jack in the Pulpit (1921)
  • The passing age, by Arthur G. Staples; a collection of familiar essays as published in the newspaper of which the writer is editor-in-chief (1924)

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