James Phinney Baxter, 1831 - 1921

James Phinney Baxter
  • Known For: Businessman, philanthropist
  • Maine Connection: Born in Gorham, ME; entrepreneur - canning and packing business pioneer; 6 times mayor of Portland, ME; Baxter Boulevard, Portland named for him; donated Baxter Memorial Library to Gorham, ME


Selected Books by James Phinney Baxter

  • The Pioneers of New France in New England, with contemporary letters and documents, 1999
  • George Cleeve of Casco Bay 1630-1667: with collateral documents, c1998
  • Christoper Levett of York: the Pioneer Colonist in Casco Bay, 1998
  • Sir Fernando Gorges and his Province of Maine. Including the brief relation, the brief narration, his defence, the charter granted to him, his will and his letters, 1967.
  • Historical Addresses, 1926.

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