Rudy Vallee, 1901 ? 1986

Rudy Vallee

Photo Credit: Eleanor Vallee, wife of Rudy Vallee

  • Known For: Recording artist, bandleader, actor
  • Maine Connection: Grew up in Westbrook, Maine


Selected Recordings by Rudy Vallee

  • The Stein Song, 1930.
    (University of Maine Fighting Song)
  • As Time Goes By, 1932.
  • Nola, 1921.
  • A Dream, 1921.

Selected Books by Rudy Vallee

  • Let the Chips Fall by Rudy Vallee, 1975.
  • My Time is Your Time by Rudy Vallee with Gil McKean, c1962.

Selected Books about Rudy Vallee

  • My Vagabond Lover: an Intimate Biography of Rudy Vallee by Eleanor Vallee, c1996.

Selected Radio

  • The Fleischmann Hour (The Rudy Vallee Hour), 1928.

Selected Websites