James G. Blaine, 1830 ? 1893

Books about James Blaine

Courtesy of the Library of Congress, LC-BH826-1406

  • Known For: Governor of Maine, U. S. Secretary of State, U. S. Senator, Speaker of the U.S. House
  • Maine Connection: Governor of Maine, Maine's U.S. Senator and Representative


Selected Books by James G. Blaine

  • The Words of James G. Blaine on the Issues of the Day: Embracing Selections from his Speeches, Letters, and Public Writings: Also an Account of his Nomination to the Presidency, His Letter of Acceptance, a List of the Delegates to the National Republican Convention of 1884, etc., with a Biographical Sketch: Together with the Life and Public Service of John A. Logan, 1884.

Selected Books about James G. Blaine

  • Continental Liar From the State of Maine: James G. Blaine by Neil Rolde, 2006.
  • James G. Blaine and Latin America by David Healy, c2001
  • James G. Blaine: Architect of Empire by Edward P. Crapol, 2000.
  • James Gillespie Blaine by Edward Stanwood, 1972.

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