Chester Greenwood, 1858 - 1937

Patented for ear-mufflers, March 13, 1877

United State Patent Office, Chester Greenwood, of Farmington, Maine for earmuffs, 1877

  • Known For: Inventor ? earmuffs, steel-toothed rake, whistling teakettle, automobile shock absorbers, etc.; Named by the Smithsonian Institution as one of America?s top 15 inventors
  • Maine Connection: Born in Farmington, Maine, now the "Earmuff Capital of the World" because of Greenwood's invention


Selected Books

  • Chester, More than Earmuffs: a Brief History of Chester Greenwood by Nancy Porter, 2007.
  • Brainstorm!: the Stories of Twenty American Kid Inventors by Tom Tucker, 1995.
  • Chester Greenwood and the Invention of the Earmuff (collection of photocopies of news articles) by the Maine State Library.

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