Andrew Wyeth, 1917 - 2009

Andrew Wyeth

Photo credit: Joyce Tenneson,
Andrew Wyeth, 2004,
Giclee print, "14 x 11",
Farnsworth Art Museum, museum purchase, 2005; 2005.3.1

  • Known For: Artist
  • Maine Connection: Summered in Maine since about 1927, later residing in Cushing, Maine and painting the land and people nearby. (Famous Christina's World painting)


Selected Books

  • Andrew Wyeth: a Secret Life by Richard Merriman, c1996.
  • Andrew Wyeth, Autobiography: Introduction by Thomas Hoving; with commentaries by Andrew Wyeth as told to Thomas Hoving, c1995.
  • Wyeth People: a Portrait of Andrew Wyeth as Seen by His Friends and Neighbors by Gene Logsdon, c1988.
  • The Art of Andrew Wyeth by Wanda M. Corn, 1973.

Selected Books for Young Adults and Children

  • Andrew Wyeth by Richard Meryman, 1991.

Selected Websites