Rockwell Kent, 1882 - 1971

Rockwell Kent
  • Known For: Artist, illustrator and author
  • Maine Connection: Lived on Monhegan Island, Maine from 1905 to 1914


Selected Books by Rockwell Kent

  • It’s Me O Lord: the Autobiography of Rockwell Kent, 1955.

Selected Books about Rockwell Kent

  • Rockwell Kent: the Mythic and the Modern by Jake Wien, 2005.
  • Distant Shores: the Odyssey of Rockwell Kent by Constance Martin, 2000.
  • A Northern Christmas, c1998.
  • An American Saga: the Life and Times of Rockwell Kent by David Traxel, c1980.
  • The Prints of Rockwell Kent: a Catalogue Raisonne by Dan Burne Jones, 1975.

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