Benjamin Vaughan, 1751-1835

  • Known For: Medical Doctor, Diplomat, merchant.
  • Maine Connection: Medical doctor, diplomat, political economist, merchant and British commissioner whose role was to smooth negotiations between Britain and U.S. during the drafting of the Treaty of Paris; friend to Benjamin Franklin. Moved to Hallowell, ME in 1797.


Written by Benjamin Vaughan

  • Letters, on the subject of the concert of princes, and the dismemberment of Poland and France : (first published in the Morning chronicle between July 20, 1792, and June 25, 1793) ; with corrections and additions / by a calm observer (1793)
  • Two papers by the Calm Observer : not printed in the collection of his letters / extracted from the Morning Chronicle (1795)

Books About Benjamin Vaughan

  • *Reminiscences of the Vaughan family, and more particularly of Benjamin Vaughan, LL.D. Read before the New England Historic-Genealogical Society By John H. Sheppard (1865)

  • Benjamin Vaughan 1751-1835 by Mary Vaughan Marvin (1979)

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