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The Maine State Library helps people, makes Maine libraries stronger and transforms information into knowledge.


Subject Specialties and Contacts


Specialty Primary Primary2 Secondary
Academic Libraries Janet McKenney
Adult Services Deb Clark
Annual report Jenny Melvin  
Books by Mail Chris Boynton Jim Roy
Building and Space Utilization
Children Services Kara Reiman
Community Engagement Deb Clark
Construction Projects
Continuing Education Stephanie Zurinski Janet McKenney
Data and Evaluation Jenny Melvin  
Digitization and DPLA Adam Fisher
Digital Literacy Jared Leadbetter Lisa Shaw
Early Literacy Kara Reiman
E-rate Jared Leadbetter
Fundraising/Capital Campaigns
Genealogy B.J. Jamieson
Grant Writing Lisa Shaw Jared Leadbetter Janet McKenney/Deb Clark
Human Resources Non-profit libraries - Contact MANP Municipal - Contact your Regional Liaison
Interlibrary Loan Amy Cummings Janet McKenney
Job Listings David Warren Elaine Bissonnette
Let's Talk About It! Nicole Rancourt David Warren
Library Development Office Kimberly Clark David Warren
Library Directories Elaine Bissonnette David Warren
Library Leadership Janet McKenney Jared Leadbetter/Deb Clark
Library Legal Issues Janet McKenney Jamie Ritter
LSTA Janet McKenney  
Maine InfoNet
Submit a Ticket for Support
Download Library Jared Leadbetter
MILS Deb Clark
Minerva Jared Leadbetter
URSUS Chris Boynton
Digital Maine Library Jared Leadbetter
Maine Library Commission David Warren Jamie Ritter
Maine Public Library Fund Grants Deb Clark Janet McKenney Jamie Ritter
Maine State Library Meetings Kimberly Clark
Maine State Library Public Services Alison Maxell  
MSLN/Networkmaine Janet McKenney Jared Leadbetter
Municipal Libraries Lisa Shaw
Non-Profit Management Contact Maine Association of Non-Profits
Partnerships and Collaborations  Deb Clark Jared Leadbetter/Lisa Shaw
Reading Round-Up Kara Reiman Elaine Bissonnette
Regional Meeting Coordination Elaine Bissonnette
Rural and Small Libraries Lisa Shaw
School Libraries Maine DOE has not funded this position
STEM, Makerspace, Robots Chris Dorman Jared Leadbetter
Strategic Plans Deb Clark  
Summer Reading Kara Reiman Nicole Rancourt
Talking Books/Large Print Chris Boynton
Video Conferencing Alan Fecteau
Technology  Advice/Assistance Jared Leadbetter
Trends in Libraries Deb Clark  
Trustees and Governance Deb Clark Lisa Shaw
Van Delivery Janet McKenney Amy Cummings Kimberly Clark
Young Adult/Youth Services Chris Dorman Kara Reiman