Community Risk Reduction - What is it?

Community Risk Reduction (CRR) is a process to identify and prioritize local risks, followed by the integrated and strategic investment of resources (emergency response and prevention) to reduce their occurrence and impact. 

Community Risk Reduction Assessment and Planning Guides

Vision 20/20 Community Risk Assessment Guide

Vision 20/20 Community Risk Reduction Planning Guide

Vision 20/20 Outcome Measures Guide

NFPA 1300: Standard on Community Risk Assessment and Community Risk Reduction Plan Development

NFPA: Guide for Training Fire Service Personnel to Conduct Community Risk Reduction for Residential Occupancies

CRR Radio (Vision 20/20 - discussions/interviews with CRR leaders across the nation)


The Jump Start to a Safer Maine: Community Risk Reduction Collaborative Pilot Project is looking for Fire Departments in Maine willing to serve as Pilot sites.  If you are interested click on: Jump Start to a Safer Maine!


Special Topics Information

"Preventing Deaths and Injuries of Fire Fighters Working Above Fire-Damaged Floors": NIOSH document, February 2009 (PDF, 4 pages, 1.9 MB)

Fire-Community Assessment/Response Evaluation System (FIRECARES) is an online tool that uses large sets of data from various sources to provide fire services and community leaders with information about fire response and risk analysis for their communities. It was funded by FEMA AFG and launched in April 2017:    

United States Dept. of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health and Administration (OSHA)/ Safety and Health Topics/ Asbestos

National Cancer Institute information on asbestos


Maine Fire Service Institute

Maine Fire Chiefs' Assocation

Maine Chapter International Association of Arson Investigators

Maine Forest Service Wildfire Danger Report

Maine Dept. of Environmental Protection Guidance on Live Fire Instruction and Training Activities (PDF, 5 pages, 179 KB)

Fire Sprinkler Information

Fire Sprinkler Initiative

Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition

National Fire Sprinkler Association, Inc.- Information on sprinklers, applications and training

Other Resources

Focus on Fire Prevention Foundation

Consumer Products Safety Commission

Vision 20/20-A National Strategic Agenda for Fire Loss Prevention

A National Report Card on Women in Firefighting, April 2008 (PDF, 884 KB)

International Association of Women in Fire and Emergency Services