A Message from the Office of the Maine State Fire Marshal

Welcome to the Maine State Fire Marshal's Office web site. Our intention is to provide you with a source of information about our role as a public safety organization in state government. As one of nine bureaus in the Department of Public Safety, we act as the State's primary enforcer of fire and life safety codes. We are also the Attorney General's representative in the investigation of all fires and explosions in the State.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Building plans review
  • Sprinkler plans review
  • ADA/Maine Human Rights Commission compliance
  • Child care inspections
  • Health care inspections
  • Place of assembly inspections
  • Mechanical ride inspections and investigations
  • Above ground storage tank inspections
  • Training for trades people, care providers, code officials, and fire and law enforcement officials
  • Investigation of fires and explosions
  • Arson investigation
  • Fire Prevention and safety education to areas in need
  • Research on the fire problem in Maine
  • The Bureau of Building Codes and Standards is housed in our office. The activities of the Bureau include: adopting, amending and maintaining the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code, resolving conflicts between the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code and the fire and life safety codes in Title 25, sections 2452 and 2465, and to provide for training for municipal building officials, local code enforcement officers and 3rd-party inspectors.

The following people have served in the role of State Fire Marshal:

Richard McCarthy - 2023 to present


Director Joseph A.P. Flynn - 1939 to 1965
Director and Fire Marshal Charles F. Rogan - 1965 to 1975
Fire Marshal Don Bissett - 1977 to 1991
Fire Marshal Dennis Lundstedt - 1992 to 1995
Fire Marshal Ladd Alcott - 1995 to 1998
Fire Marshal John C. Dean - 1998 to 2012
Fire Marshal Joseph E. Thomas - 2012 to 2022