Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is basically the identification of potential hazards and the likely risks they pose within a particular community.  I is part of the process of prioritizing risks needing to be addresses in a given community. It is the critical initial step in emergency preparedness, which enables organizations to eventually mitigate (if possible), plan, prepare and deploy appropriate resources to attain a desired outcome.

Maine Incident Data (Dashboards)

Fire Fatality in Maine 2011 - 2022 by County and Community

Characteristics of fatal fire victims 2021 -2022

2022 Maine Fire Incident Summary Dashboard

Home Structure Fires

American Red Cross Home Risk Fire Map  (Zoom into your county and locality for your home fire risk score)

Northeast-Midwest Foresters Alliance Community Exposure Dashboard (Wildland Fire Tool)

Maine Demographic Data

Every community must prepare for and respond to hazardous events, whether a natural disaster like a tornado or a disease outbreak, wildland fire, or a human caused event such as a fire, explosion or harmful chemical spill. The degree to which a community exhibits certain social conditions, including high poverty, unemployment, age of citizens, percentage disable, or crowded households, may affect that community’s ability to prevent human suffering and financial loss in the event of disaster. These factors describe a community’s social vulnerability.

Socioeconomic Status Maine Counties 2020

Household Characteristics Maine Counties 2020

Housing and Transportation Maine Counties 2020

Race and Ethnicity Maine Counties 2020

Census Demographic Profile of Maine

Census Community Explorer (see training Demo Video in upper right corner to learn how to use the tool)

Other Data and Sources

National Fire Protection Association Data, Research, and tools

Census Quick Facts

U.S. Fire Administration - Statistics