Close Reading/Text Dependent Questions

Close reading strategies help students develop deep understanding of a text. Close reading relies on critical analysis of the writer’s craft, the content of the text, synthesis of information and connections among multiple texts. 

These resources, developed in Maine and by others outside the state, are provided as a courtesy to schools and districts implementing the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts/Literacy (CCSS for ELA/Literacy) and are not an endorsement of any one method or approach.

Close Reading: More Than Comprehension

Developing Text-Dependent Questions

The CCSS expect students to use evidence from texts to present careful analyses, well-defended claims and clear information.  A central tool to help students develop these skills is text-dependent questions: questions that can only be answered by referring back to the text.

  • Achieve the Core Sample Lessons. Teachers can find tools to help write and evaluate text-dependent questions, as well as a link to lesson materials with examples of text-dependent questions included.
  • Basal Alignment Project. A library of more than 300 revised lessons for common Basal reading series (third through fifth grades), each carefully aligned to the CCSS. Each new lesson includes quality text-dependent questions, improved tasks and a focus on academic vocabulary.