Reimbursement Rates and Eligibility Guidelines

Income Guidelines for Free and Reduced Price Meals

School Year 2024 Income Guidelines

School Year 2024 Reimbursement Rates and Income Guidelines

Federal Nutrition Programs Reimbursement Rates SY 2024
    Severe Need     Severe Need    
  Lunch Lunch   Breakfast Breakfast   Snack
  Includes PBR*          
PAID $0.48 $0.50   $0.38 $0.38   $0.10
REDUCED $3.93 $3.95   $1.98 $2.43   $0.58
FREE $4.33 $4.35   $2.28 $2.73   $1.17

*For more information on PBR contact





Chart of Accounts

For more information about Chart of Accounts and Department of Education, contact Denise Towers.

Indirect Costs

Maine currently does not have a delegation agreement in place with US Department of Education which allows school district to charge the National School Lunch Program or any other federal program indirect costs. Indirect costs rates must be approved by the Department of Education and no such costs have been approved or a method in place to do so. Therefore no food service program should be charged indirect costs. If so that must be ended and the indirect costs charged to the program must be reversed.

Fain Numbers:


Reimbursement (block grant awards) - 234ME301N1099
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program - 234ME300L1603


Reimbursement (block grant awards) - 224ME301N1099
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program - 224ME300L1603


Reimbursement (block grant awards) - 214ME301N1099
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program - 214ME300L1603


Reimbursement (block grant awards) - 204ME301N1099
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program - 204ME300L1603


Reimbursement (block grant awards) - 194ME301N109944
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program - 194ME300L1603