Staff Education and Training Unit (SETU) Services

The DHHS Staff Education and Training Unit (SETU) is contained within Workforce Development out of the DHHS Commissioner's Office. SETU exists to develop, deliver and support the required training and professional development needs of staff across all Program Offices within DHHS.


SETU Services in Detail




Certificate Programs

SETU facilitates three professional development opportunities through certificate programs. These are comprehensive professional development activities involving a small cohort of participants who receive training, group facilitation services, evaluation of work products and goal planning for further professional development. Audiences for these certificates include supervisors/managers and any DHHS employee. The DHHS Business Certificate is a joint training program from the Division of Contract Management, along with Program and Fiscal Coordination. The audiences for this certificate are those whose responsibilities include RFP, contract administration and fiscal management.


Mandatory Training for all DHHS Employees

Curriculum development, coordination and tracking of training required by policy


Curriculum Development Technical Assistance

SETU provides the Performance Based Training sessions for trainers new to their roles within the Dept. This is by request and for this targeted population.

Consultation on development, delivery, logistics and evaluation of curriculum for various internal/external audiences throughout DHHS, as requested from Program Offices.


By Request Training Programs

In addition to the certificate programs SETU, by management request, can provide training for work teams on:


DHHS Workforce Development Training Resources

SETU has a repository of topics pertinent to DHHS staff. These topics are short focused videos of processes and topics specifically targeted for new employees and management staff. Free live and recorded webinar resources from various providers can be assessed on the SETU website as well.


Training Registrations

The trainings offered below require registration. Click on the class link to view a description of the training and to complete a registration form.

Class titles listed in brown and prefaced by an * are multi-day classes.

*Class titles listed in brown and prefaced by an asterisk are multi-day classes.

Date Time Class Class ID Location
December 4, 2020 9:00 AM Travel App for New DHHS Employees 211207 Microsoft Teams
January 8, 2021 9:00 AM Travel App for New DHHS Employees 220108 Microsoft Teams
December 18, 2020 9:00 AM Travel App Refresher 211208 Microsoft Teams
January 22, 2021 9:00 AM Travel App Refresher 220102 Microsoft Teams

Additional Training Providers