Welcome to DHHS Management! Certificate Program


The DHHS Staff Education and Training Unit wants to assist you during the start of your DHHS management career. To do so, we offer the Welcome to DHHS Management! certificate. These sessions will:

  • Identify supports and resources in place for leadership staff
  • Develop awareness of personal leadership styles
  • Increase communication skills that are vital to individual and team success
  • Explain the importance of self-care in effective leadership

Please note: Completion of this certificate is voluntary, while Managing in State Government is a required training program.

Registration for Welcome to DHHS Management! Certificate Program

(Remember to obtain your direct supervisor’s approval to take these classes)

In order to find the following classes that fit your schedule, register online.

Essential Communication Skills for Supervisors

This 6-hour training details the methods of communication skills that aid in the retention, motivation, and inclusion of employees. Activities will focus on delivering feedback, coaching, developing clear expectations, mediating conflict, and giving meaningful appreciation.

Your Leadership Style

This 2- hour training helps you identify your leadership style. We will talk about tasks that successful leaders implement and will spend time developing a personal action plan derived from your self- assessment of those tasks.

Recalibration or Stress Management

Choose one of these 1-hour trainings, facilitated by Northern Light EAP and Training, to discuss ways to remain resilient during the transition to a management role.

Direct any questions to us at: DHHS.SETU@maine.gov