DHHS Staff Education and Training Unit - Training by Request


Conflict Resolution Training

This training teaches the communication concepts and skills required of work teams, primary of which is handling conflict constructively while maintaining productive work relationships. In specific, trainees will be trained to:

  • Identify types of conflicts at work
  • Listen to others' points of view for better understanding and improved work relations
  • Express needs and problems openly and honestly without blame, criticism or finger-pointing
  • Resolve conflicts so that needs (not competing solutions) get clearly identified and new, more creative solutions are found with group participation


Performance Based Training

This training focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to effectively train groups of learners in the workplace. These sessions are by request and are targeted for the training positions within DHHS, whether presenting to internal or external audiences. Participants will learn and demonstrate skill in:

  • Brain-based concepts of adult learning
  • In person and online modalities of training
  • Alignment of the curriculum to measurable learning objectives and activities
  • Evaluation measures to determine extent of learner attainment of skills and training effectiveness

For more information or questions, please contact Bonnie Tracy.