Produce Safety Resource Library

These produce farm food safety and regulatory resources are curated from trusted sources (see Websites). We attempted to pull videos, podcasts, and training modules in addition to the typical factsheets. Please let us know if you are unable to find a resource that suits you and would like help finding something else.

Produce Safety Rule

Note: For information on USDA AMS Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Audits go to the Maine DACF Federal/State Inspection Service or the USDA AMS page. Tip: Make sure you review the audit standard which is the auditor instructions for the audit checklist.

Note: View additional links on the Produce Safety Rule (FSMA) page

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Worker Health, Hygiene, and Training


Note: For Subpart E of the Produce Safety Rule, Harvest and Post-harvest water requirements (handwashing, produce/equipment washing) were finalized and go into effect 2023 for Large farms, 2024 for Small farms, and 2025 for Very Small farms. An additional year before official enforcement is allowed for each farm size category to allow for education. The requirements for Pre-harvest water (irrigation, chemical application, etc.) have not been finalized. We will provide updates when we get them and expect extra time after pre-harvest rules are finalized to allow for education of affected farms. Some of the resources below refer to pre-harvest water as “process” water.

Water Testing

Washing Produce

Soil Amendments of Animal Origin


Buildings, Equipment, & Sanitation

Cleaning & Santizing

Records, Templates, Food Safety Plans & Signs