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This resource library is set up to give you access to tools we found to be useful for farms. You will find resources that relate to key topic areas of the Produce Safety Rule and on-farm food safety in lots of different ways from videos, to templates, to fact sheets, and more!

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Biological Soil Amendments of Animal Origin


Note: Subpart E -- Agricultural Water is published in the Federal Register as part of the Produce Safety Rule. However, it is currently under review and compliance dates have been delayed. It is currently unenforceable while the enforcement discretion is in effect. The delayed compliance dates are below.

In the meantime, farmers should get to know the water quality profile of their agricultural water sources, and should start assessing their water distribution systems to make sure the system itself isn’t a potential source of contamination.

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Water Subpart Requirements Jan. 26, 2024 Jan. 26, 2023 Jan. 26, 2022

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Wild Blueberries in Maine

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