Milk Quality Laboratory

The Milk Quality Laboratory is a FDA certified regulatory lab for the analysis of all milk and milk products produced in the State of Maine. Maine Milk Rules require the analysis of each product four times in any six month period to assure they are in compliance with state and national standards that:

  1. Safeguard public health in areas of antibiotic residue, proper pasteurization, and bacterial contamination and
  2. Ensures that consumers are receiving the quality they expect with regard to fat and solids content and added water.

Non-compliance penalties can include suspension of distribution of products. Dispute resolution between producers and their dairy is also provided in areas of butterfat and/or protein content and bacterial or somatic cell counts.

In addition, the Laboratory Evaluation Officers certify commercial and industry laboratory analysts and approve bulk milk pick-up tanker drug screeners through on-site evaluations every two years and an annual split sample proficiency program.

For specific testing information:

E-mail or phone Linda Stahlnecker: (207) 287-7623

Milk and Milk Product Standards

Test Standard
Freezing Point
(Added Water) = -0.525H
Standard Plate Count/Petrifilm Aerobic Count
Pasteurized =20,000/ml
Comingled Raw =300,000/ml
Producer Raw =100,000/ml
Not Pasteurized =50,000/ml
SSC - All sizes <50/container size
Petrifilm Coliform Count
Pasteurized Products <=10/ml
Not Pasteurized <=10/ml
SSC <1/container size
Dairy Waters:
Coliform Presence/Absence (Source Water) <1/100ml
Coliform (Recirculating Water) <1/100ml
(Proper Pasteurization) Charm II ALP NF (Not Found) <350mU
Skim-Whole: <44=NF
44-379 Reportable Not Actionable
Flavored and Creams: <88=NF
88-349 Reportable Not Actionable
Solids: <350= NF
(Somatic Cell Count) Cow <=750,000/ml
(Somatic Cell Count) Goat <1,500,000
Delvo Test P (Test for Beta-Lactam) NF (Not Found)
Butterfat - Product Standard - %<
Fluid Milks including Flavored:
Homogenized (Whole)Milk =3.25
Reduced Fat Milk <2.5
Light Milk <1.65
Lowfat Milk =0.23=1.25
Skim, Fat Free, NonFat <0.23
Fat Percentage on Label +/- 10% of Label Claim
Heavy Cream =36.0
Medium Cream =30.0
Light Cream =18.0
Half & Half =10.5
Cultured Products:
Sour Cream =18.0
Cottage Cheese-4%/ Dry Curd Cottage Cheese =4.0
LF Cottage Cheese =0.5=2.0
Dry Curd Cottage Cheese <0.5
Frozen Products:
Ice Cream =10.0
LF Ice Cream & Mix >2.0=7.0
Frozen Yogurt =3.25
LF Frozen Yogurt =0.5=2.0
Non Fat Frozen Yogurt <0.5
Sherbet =1.0=2.0
Egg Nog =6.0
Egg Nog Flavored Milk =3.25
Cottage Cheese =80.0%
LF Cottage Cheese =82.5%
Total Solids
Homogenized =11.75%
Ice Cream =35.5%
Frozen Yogurt =32.5%
Solids Non Fat
Reduced Fat Milk =8.25%
Light Milk =8.25%
Lowfat Milk =8.25%
Skim, NonFat, Fat Free =8.25%
Egg Nog =8.25%
Weight (frozen products)
Ice Cream Gallon 36oz
Ice Cream Quart 18oz
Ice Cream Pint 9oz
Frozen Yogurt Gallon 32oz
Frozen Yogurt Quart 16oz
Frozen Yogurt Pint 8oz
Sherbet Gallon 48oz
Sherbet Quart 24oz
Sherbet Pint 12oz
Fluid Milk
Whole (including Flavored) Vitamin D: =400=600IU/QT
All Other Fluid Milk (reduced fat, lowfat, skim) Vitamin A: =2000=3000IU/QT
Vitamin D: =400=600IU/QT

* SSC = Single Service Container (Standard is same for multi-use containers.)

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