For Hire Pesticide Application Companies

The table below lists all For Hire Companies with currently licensed commercial applicators.

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Note that the County is the location of the main office, not necessarily the only county in which the company works.

Company Name Address County Phone Categories Email Website
Company Name Address County Phone Categories Email Website



1A Agricultural - Animal

1B Agricultural - Plant
Option I - Limited Commercial Blueberry
Option II - Chemigation
Option III - Agricultural Fumigation
Option IV - Post-Harvest Treatment

2 Forest Pest Management

3A Outdoor Ornamentals

3B Turf

3C Indoor Ornamentals

4 Seed Treatment

5A Aquatic Pest Control

5B Sewer Root Control

6A Right of Way Vegetation Management

6B General Vegetation Management

7A Structural General Pest Control (Includes Food Processing)

7B Structural Fumigation

7C1 Disinfectant and Biocide Treatments

7C2 Swimming Pool & Spa

7C3 Mold Remediation & Water Damage Restoration

7D Wood Preserving

7E Biting Fly & Other Arthropod Vectors (Ticks)

7F Termite Pests

8A Public Health - Biting Fly (a)

8B Public Health - Other (a)

9 Regulatory Pest Control (a)

10 Demonstration & Research Pest Control (b)

11 Aerial Pest Control (b)