Pesticide Distributor (Dealer) Certification and Licensing

Distributors of certain pesticides are required to obtain prior certification and/or licensing from the Board. Board “certification” means the applicant has demonstrated a minimum level of competency by passing written exams. “Licensing” means the applicant has fulfilled all the requirements for distributing pesticides in the state.

General use pesticide. "General use pesticide" means any pesticide which has been registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as evidenced by a registration number on the label and which is not a restricted use or limited use pesticide, as defined in this section. Pesticides restricted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency are so identified on the label. Pesticides restricted or limited by the Board of Pesticides Control are listed by the board.

  • 22 MRSA  1471-W(5) exempts the following from licensing as a general use pesticide dealer: (1) Household use pesticide products* with no more than 3% active ingredients; (2) The following products, which have limited percentages of active ingredients: (a) Dichlorovos (DDVP) impregnated strips with concentrations not more than 25% in resin strips and pet collars; (3) The following products with unlimited percentages of active ingredients: (a) Pet supplies such as shampoos, tick and flea collars and dusts; (b) Disinfectants, germicides, bactericides and virucides; (c) Insect repellents; (d) Indoor and outdoor animal repellents; (e) Moth flakes, crystals, cakes and nuggets; (f) Indoor aquarium supplies; (g) Swimming pool supplies; (h) Pediculocides and mange cure on man; (i) Aerosol products; and (j) General use paints, stains, and wood preservatives and sealants.
  • *13-A. "Household use pesticide product" means any general use pesticide product which contains no more than 3% active ingredients and which is applied undiluted by homeowners to control pests in and around** the family dwelling and associated structures. For the purposes of this definition and section 1471-U, subsection 5, petroleum solvents shall not be considered active ingredients.

    **The legislative intent of “around” has been interpreted by the Attorney General’s office as meaning “on” the house. Most outdoor use products are not exempt at any percent of active ingredient unless they meet another exemption category in the law.

Restricted use pesticide.  "Restricted use pesticide" means any pesticide or pesticide use classified for use only by or under the direct supervision of a certified applicator by the Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency or by the Commissioner of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry.

Certification and Licensing Provision for Dealers are detailed in Chapter 34 of the Board’s rules. Restricted Use Pesticide Dealers must pass a written test in order to become certified. Tests must be scheduled by submitting a completed application form and the proper fee to the BPC. See chart below for information about study materials and exam application. Once the exam is passed, the candidate is eligible for a license. Licenses must be renewed every three years.

Staying Certified

Pesticide use is a rapidly changing technology. New products, application methods, safety standards and regulations are introduced every year. To update distributors regularly, the BPC requires nine hours of approved continuing education training every three years in order to remain certified. The BPC assigns and records credit for attending courses offered by itself, UMCE, industry and trade organizations. Credit is also accepted for attending out-of-state sessions.



Type of exam

1 written (Dealer exam)

Where do I get my study materials?

Dealer study manual:
Pesticide Dealer Training Manual

Where do I take exams?

BPC offices by pre-filed exam application only.

Exam application

Restricted Use Pesticide Dealer Exam Application (PDF)

Exam fees


Certification expiration

3 years


License fee


License expiration

3 year (renewable 12/31)



License fee


License duration

1 year (renewable 12/31)