Calibration Resources

If two heads are better than one, as the old saying goes, should twice the application rate be twice as nice? Absolutely not!

Applying too much pesticide is costly and unlawful. It also can damage crops or other plants and animals and result in illegal residues raising food safety concerns.

On the other hand, using too little pesticide may result in poor pest control, contribute to pesticide resistance and make retreatment necessary.

Protecting the environment and saving money are two common concerns of growers. But calibration of application equipment—a practice that can do both—isn’t common enough.

“A 30-minute calibration could save a grower thousands of dollars not just in chemical expenses but in lost yield or even monetary penalties,” says Gary Fish, Board of Pesticides Control certification specialist.

Need a calibration refresher?

Hand Operated Sprayers

Granula Sprayers

Boom Sprayer

Airblast Sprayers


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