The Agricultural Basic License

  • For growers who annually sell more than $1,000 of plants or plant products intended for human consumption and who use only general-use (over-the-counter) pesticides on property owned or leased by them.
  • For medical marijuana growers that intend to control, repel or mitigate any pest (insect, mite, plant disease, weed or rodent) or use rooting hormones or other plant growth regulators. Primary Caregivers or Dispensaries must have at least one owner or employee licensed who will supervise the application of any pesticide.
  • More on pesticide licensing
  • More on licensing for growers of Medical Marijuana

Pesticide Applicator Exam Training for Growers

Training sessions are being offered periodically to help prepare growers for the Agricultural Basic or Private Pesticide Applicator Core exam. After most of the training sessions, Agricultural Basic or Private Pesticide Applicator Core Exam will be offered. Note: It is not a requirement to take a training in order to become licensed; many growers study the manual and pass the exam on their own. More on licensing, exams, and ordering study manuals.

For questions about exam training because call BPC at (207) 287-2731.