School IPM Regulations

All public and private schools serving any grades K-12 are required to adopt an IPM policy and implement IPM practices.

Chapter 27—Standards for Pesticide Application and Public Notification in Schools [Word]

  • IPM Compliance Checklist [PDF]

Requirements include the following:

  • Policy: Adopt an IPM policy. Sample IPM policy [PDF or Word]
  • Notices: IPM notice must be published in the school's policy manual or handbook. Customizable template [Word]
  • Report: Name and contact information of IPM Coordinator must be reported annually by September 1, via Department of Education NEO system. Log in to NEO, then use the pull-down menu to identify the IPM Coordinator in the Staff Certification Report. For assistance with NEO or to report more than one coordinator per school system contact NEO Helpdesk by email or phone: 207-624-6896.
  • Record Keeping: Schools must make available upon request specific information and records including a 'Pest Management Activity Log' which includes pesticide application records and documentation of all requirements associated with pesticide applications including advance parent and staff notification and signage when required.
    • Sample Page 1: Monitoring/IPM [PDF or Word]
    • Sample Page 2: Trap and Bait Station Monitoring [PDF or Word]
    • Sample Page 3: Pesticide Application [PDF or Word]
    • Sample Disinfectant Application Record Form: [PDF or Word]
    • Sample Disinfectant Key Record Form: [PDF or Word]
  • Training: IPM Coordinator must complete required training