Review of Ground-Water Withdrawal Regulations

Final Report - January 10, 2007

Review and Recommendations Regarding Ground Water Regulations

Review Process

During the 1st session of the 122nd Maine Legislature (2005) the Governor proposed and the Legislature passed a law (Public Law 2005 c. 452) to clarify and enhance the state's role with regard to large-scale ground-water withdrawal. A key provision of this law is the requirement to comprehensively review ground-water regulations with the objectives to:

  1. Review provisions in state law that trigger regulation of proposed ground-water withdrawals;
  2. Review pertinent scientific information to assess the efficacy of existing state law for ensuring that withdrawal of ground water does not have an undue adverse effect on waters of the State;
  3. Develop assessment criteria that should influence whether and how the State regulates or otherwise manages withdrawal of ground water;
  4. Propose any changes to state law; and
  5. Assess the cost to state agencies and the regulated community of compliance with proposed changes.

Participants in this yearlong process included legislative committee members, state agency staff, a private well owner, and representatives with expertise in water law, public water supply, agricultural water use and bottled water, and conservation interests.


Report of the Land & Water Resources Council to the Natural Resources Committee of the 123rd Maine Legislature, 1st Regular Session Pursuant to P.L. 2005, Chapter 452; Review and Recommendations Regarding Ground Water Regulations

Chapter 587 A-C Summary, prepared for Ground Water Workgroup Meeting March 10, 2006, by David Courtemanch, Maine DEP.

Report to the Joint Standing Committee on Natural Resources: Development of Consistent Hydrogeological Review Procedures - by Robert G. Marvinney, January 10, 2006.

Memorandum to the Joint Standing Committee on Natural Resources on ground water ownership (rtf format) - by Dennis J. Harnish, April 15, 2005.

Water Use Policy Background - Previous State Efforts in Water Use Policy, compiled by Robert G. Marvinney, September 2004.


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