Water Well Information

The Water Well Information Law, passed in 1987, requires the Maine Geological Survey to collect information on new water wells in Maine. This information is essential to any effort aimed at understanding Maine's ground water resources. In addition, the information is useful to communities considering new water supplies or in their planning efforts, to developers and businesses, to consultants investigating water supply or quality issues, to drillers, and to agricultural irrigators.

The Maine Geological Survey can provide excerpts of this information on request that includes well location, depth of well, length of casing, depth to bedrock, and yield. For inquiries, call 207-287-2801 or e-mail mgs@maine.gov.

Digital Database

A database containing over 50,000 located wells is available for download. This database contains information on all wells in the master database which could be geographically located. The database includes coordinates and descriptive information such as well yield, depth, overburden thickness, well use, and well type. This information is also portrayed on the Bedrock Ground-Water Resources Basic Data Maps in PDF format and in a web map.

Last updated on October 29, 2015