Maine Aerial Photographs

The Maine Geological Survey has historical aerial photographs covering many parts of Maine. The photos were collected between 1930 and 2009 at scales from 1:1,200 to 1:80,000. Some collections are very large, 14,000+ photos, and some are just a single photo. All aerial photos are available for viewing as prints by making an appointment to visit the MGS Office in Augusta. A stereoscope is available. During 2023, MGS is making an effort to scan each air photo and make them available from our online digital repository. The map below will allow you to access the individual photos. If you can't find the photo(s) you need online yet, individual photos, or small series, can be scanned at (600 to 1200 dpi) by MGS and then links to PDFs or TIFs will be emailed usually within 2-3 business days. Please use the form below to make a request. Call 207-287-7175 or email Christian Halsted to view air photos or discuss a special request.

If MGS doesn't have the air photo you need here, see the Air Photos and Satellite Imagery section of our Maps, Charts, and Photos page for links to other sources of air photos.

Photo Search

The map and table below will assist you in determining what photos are available for a specific time period in a selected geographic area. MGS staff are working to delineate the approximate geographic footprint of each of the roughly 75,000 photographs in our collection. However, this is not complete and will take more time so we've also made available the footprints of many of the index maps and scanned these maps into our Aerial Photo Repository to help you find the photos available in your area of interest. The table also shows the number of index map images loaded to the repository and the number of image footprint extents digitized. When making a request for photos, please list the photo(s) by source name, flight line, and photo number. Alternatively, you can provide an address, latitude/longitude coordinates, or a description of a specific geographic area and we'll find all the photos available. Please also make sure to identify the time period you are interested in.

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Photo Collection List

Source Name Client Project Name Flown By Photo Scale Comments Photo Years Number Of Index Maps Number Of Index Maps Viewable Number Of Photos Number Of Photo Footprints Digitized Number Of Photos Scanned