Local Schedules Updated May 2024

Local Government Record Retention Schedules

The Maine State Archives in conjunction with the Archives Advisory Board, establishes local government record retention schedules.  These schedules are adopted pursuant to Maine Title 5, Chapter 6, §95-B. Comments and suggestions for changes or additions may be directed to Records Management.

Local Government Record Retention Schedules, May 2024, V1

Word Version - entire document (92 pages)
PDF Version

For ease of access, schedules have been divided into four sections (see below). It is advisable to review both the Introduction and the Appendix items regardless of which section pertains to you. Pertinent information can be found related to recordkeeping in general, electronic records, vault and alternative repository information (to name a few).

There are several schedules which have not been revised. However, schedules have been renumbered for the overall consistency of the document. For a complete list of schedule changes, see page 10 of the Introduction.

  • Introduction - The introduction includes basic instructions for the management of records and specific record categories, information on how to use the schedules, and an overview of schedule changes for Version 1.
  • Section A - Administration, General Office, Human Resources
    • The schedules in Section A have been revised. They include Administrative, Financial, Payroll, Personnel, and Election Records, Licenses and Permits, Vehicle Registrations, Vital Records, Correspondence, Meeting and Board Records, and Electronic/Information Technology Records
  • Section B - Municipal/County Departments (not Public Safety or Schools)
    • The schedules in Section B have been revised or reviewed with no changes made (except District Attorneys). They include Building/Land Records, Parks and Recreation, Public Works, Assessor's and Tax Records, County Clerks/Commissioners/Treasurers, Register of Deeds, Register of Probate, and District Attorneys
  • Section C - Public Safety
    • The schedules in Section C are from 2018. They have been reviewed and are awaiting approval for adoption before they can be posted. They include Law Enforcement, Jail Records and Fire Department
  • Section D - Schools
    • The school schedule is from 2018. It has been reviewed and is awaiting approval for adoption before posting.
  • Appendix A-H - Appendix items include (A) Alternative Repositories, (B) Vault Recommendations, (C) Determining Essential Records, (D) Records Definitions, (E) Electronic/Digital Recordkeeping, (F) Working Documents and Drafts, (G) Appraising Records for Archival Value, and (H) Sample Disposition Form