Worksheets for Tax Credits - 2014

Biofuel Commercial Production and Commercial Use Credit (PDF)

Certified Visual Media Production Credit (PDF)

Contribution to Family Development Account Reserve Funds Credit (PDF)
Credit for Dependent Health Benefits Paid (PDF)

Credit for Educational Opportunity -- Individuals (PDF)

Credit for Educational Opportunity -- Employers (PDF)

Credit for Rehabilitation of Historic Properties (PDF)

Credit for Tax Paid To Other Jurisdictions (PDF)
Credit for Wellness Programs (PDF)
Dual Residence Reduction of Tax Credit (PDF)
Employer-Assisted Day Care Credit (PDF)
Employer-Provided Long-Term Care Benefits Credit (PDF)
Forest Management Planning Income Credit (PDF)
High-Technology Investment Tax Credit (PDF)
Jobs and Investment Tax Credit (PDF)
Maine Capital Investment Credit (PDF)
Maine Fishery Infrastructure Investment Tax Credit (PDF)

New Markets Capital Investment Credit (PDF)

Pine Tree Development Zone Tax Credit (PDF)

Quality Child Care Investment Credit (PDF)
Research Expense Tax Credit (PDF)
Seed Capital Investment Tax Credit (PDF)
Super Credit for Substantially Increased Research and Development (PDF)