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The Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS) partners with businesses interested in the inclusion of people with disabilities into the workforce. We can help meet your workforce needs and expand your market share. We connect your business with qualified employees and services in your area, as well as nationwide resources that can support your business. BRS can also connect your business with other Maine-based businesses that hire people with disabilities and who are willing to share their experience. For more information, contact BRS's Business Relations Specialist.

"We believe that broadening our workforce by employing people with disabilities is not only the right thing to do, but it makes good business sense and has benefits which will reverberate across our company and community. The FlexiCenter is an example of business collaborating with state government and private agencies to deliver an incredible opportunity for an amazing group of people."

Felicia Coney, Site Manager, Tambrands; A Procter and Gamble Company

  • 1 in 4 Americans has a disability
  • It makes good business sense
    • Customers prefer to do business with employers who hire people with disabilities
    • Higher retention rates
    • Walgreens found employees with disabilities are equally productive and attained a better safety record than peers without disabilities
  • According to Maine's Center for Workforce Research and Information:
    • 16% of working age adults have one or more disabilities, compared to 13% nationwide
    • 33% of Maine's working age adults with disabilities were employed, compared to 80% of those with no disability
    • Maine has an untapped workforce!

  • Staffing and recruitment of talented job seekers with disabilities.
  • Job support, coaching, and training for job seekers with disabilities.
  • Work Place Accommodations.
  • Job Retention/Return to work Services.
  • Financial incentives including tax reimbursement benefits Work Opportunity Tax Credit.
  • Training and consultation:

  • Would you like the opportunity to introduce interested young people to your business?
  • Would you like to try out potential employees at no risk or cost?

If you answered yes to any of the above, The Maine Department of Labor’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) would like to tell you about Progressive Employment.

Progressive Employment meets the needs of employers and Maine youth with disabilities by matching them to activities such as:

  • Job Tours- Let youth see what your business is all about.
  • Interviews- Offer a young job seeker an opportunity to practice interview skills or better yet, let them interview you to find out about you and your business.
  • Job Shadows- Invite a youth to see jobs at your business in action.
  • Work Experience- Provide a work experience to help youth gain skills, with wages and workers’ compensation paid through DVR.
  • On-the-Job-Training- Hire a young person and have some initial training costs offset.

The three videos below highlight the benefits of the Progressive Employment Model and the individualized approach leading to successful employment.

Progressive Employment Model

Descriptive Videos:

For more information and/or assistance please contact:

  • Elizabeth Nitzel, Statewide Business Relations Consultant
    Maine Department of Labor
    Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
    150 State House Station.
    Augusta, ME 04333

  • Phone: (207) 441-1308
    TTY: Please use Relay 711
    Fax: (207) 287-5292
    E-mail: Elizabeth.A.Nitzel@maine.gov