Disability Etiquette and Awareness Training

Have you ever felt awkward or uncomfortable communicating with a co-worker or customer who is deaf, or blind or uses a wheelchair? This is a common reaction to any new situation, including your first encounter with a person who has a particular disability. This workshop will improve your confidence by providing an opportunity for you to examine your own beliefs and attitudes about interacting with people with disabilities. Training includes discussion of current guidelines for interacting effectively with people with disabilities, exploration of myths and facts, and provides a hands-on activity for individual/group sharing/learning. There will be time to answer questions you may have about appropriate language and etiquette when communicating with people with disabilities.

There is no fee for this training and the program can be tailored to the specific needs of the business customer. For more information, contact:

Karen Fraser, Director
Maine Department of Labor
Bureau of Rehabilitation Services
150 SHS
Augusta, ME 04333

Phone: (207) 623-7961
TTY: Please use Relay 711
Fax:(207) 287-5292
E-mail: Karen.D.Fraser@maine.gov