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Consumer Protection

Maine Consumer Law Guide

Learn about your rights as a consumer from this comprehensive guide from the Maine Attorney General's Office. Chapters in the Guide:

  1. How To Enforce Your Consumer Rights
  2. Consumer Contracts In Maine
  3. The Maine Unfair Trade Practices Act
  4. Consumer Goods And Maine Express And Implied Warranty Laws
  5. Consumer Rights If You Are Sold Defective Goods Or Services
  6. Consumer Rights And The Defective New Vehicle
  7. The Maine Lemon Law And State Arbitration
  8. Leasing Or Buying A New Vehicle
  9. Consumer Rights When You Buy A Used Vehicle
  10. Consumer Rights Concerning Odometer Tampering And Your Vehicle Title
  11. Consumer Rights When Repairing Your Vehicle
  12. Consumer Rights When You Order By Mail Or Telephone
  13. Consumer Rights When A Salesperson Contacts You At Home
  14. Consumer Rights When You Rent An Apartment
  15. Consumer Rights When You Live In A Mobile Home
  16. Attorney General's Model Landlord-Tenant Lease
  17. Consumer Rights When Constructing Or Repairing Your Home
  18. Attorney General's Model Home Construction Or Repair Contract
  19. Consumer Home Heating Rights
  20. Consumer Rights When You Buy A Home
  21. Consumer Rights And The Elderly
  22. Consumer Rights And Multilevel Marketing (Pyramid) Schemes
  23. Consumer Rights And A Bankrupt Business
  24. Consumer Rights And Advertising
  25. Consumer Rights And Charitable Solicitations
  26. Consumer Rights And Credit Sales
  27. A Consumer's Guide To Small Claims Court
  28. How To Avoid Mail Order And Telephone Fraud
  29. Miscellaneous Consumer Protection Rights
  30. Antitrust Law
  31. Consumer Assistance Resources (Phone Numbers)

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