Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection Complaint Form

Important Notice: Disclosure of this information is voluntary. However, failure to supply complete information may result in this complaint not being processed.

Is your complaint against a business we regulate? The Bureau does not regulate banks, credit card companies, or credit unions.

It is important to remember that the Bureaqu does not act as the complainant's attorney. The Bureau does not have the power to adjudicate complaints. If a dispute turns on facts that do not involve a supervised entity's violation of a specific law or regulation (such as a matter concerning a financial institution’s exercise of internal policies or guidelines) the Bureau may not have the authority to obtain the relief a complainant is seeking. In that case, the Bureau will advise the complainant about other ways to pursue the complaint, such as through consulting a private attorney and/or initiating a court proceeding.

If you have additional materials relevant to your complaint (contracts, billing statements, collection agency letters, etc.) please mail them to us separately.

1. Who is the complaint against?
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Yes No If you have checked "No," please keep in mind that we are a state regulatory agency that handles complaints relating to the State of Maine. Please consider contacting your own state's Attorney General's office. If you are trying to reach the new federal agency that is known by a name similar to ours (the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or "CFPB"), CLICK HERE to file a complaint with the CFPB.

2. Name of the primary person you dealt with
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3. Complaint
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4. Customer Authorization
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5. Information About You

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