Inquiries and Assistance


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By Mail

Maine Bureau of Financial Institutions
Consumer Outreach Program
36 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0036

By Phone

(800) 965-5235
(207) 624-8570

Instructions for submitting inquiries or for seeking help resolving a problem with a bank or credit union Online or by Mail

  1. Complete the Inquiries and Assistance form

    Select to use the online form or print the Inquiries and Assistance form (PDF).

    • Provide a detailed description of the experience, transaction, or incident of concern. Or, if you have a question or inquiry, please state your question in detail.
    • If there is a problem, tell us what you think the financial institution has done wrong.
    • If there is a problem, tell us what steps you have already taken to resolve the problem, and what explanation, if any, was provided by the financial institution?
    • State what remedy or result you want.
  2. Submit the form using one of these options
  • Online form: complete the form by answering the questions and providing details of the issue and click “submit” at the bottom of the Inquiries and Assistance form.
  • Printable form: You may prefer to use the printable form. If additional space is needed, please attach a separate sheet of paper. You can return the printable form and any supporting documentation by:
  1. Mail:
    Maine Bureau of Financial Institutions
    Consumer Outreach Program
    36 State House Station
    Augusta, ME 04333-0036
  2. Fax:
    (207) 624-8590
    Please include a cover page with the words “consumer complaint”
  3. In person:
    Department of Professional & Financial Regulation
    Maine Bureau of Financial Institutions
    76 Northern Avenue
    Gardiner, Maine 04345

If you need assistance, please call (800) 965-5235 or (207) 624-8570.

*If you choose to send a printable form, or documents by e-mail, the Bureau cannot guarantee the confidentiality of your information during electronic transmission. Once received by the Bureau your file will be confidential.

What the Bureau of Financial Institutions Can and Cannot Assist You With

The Bureau can:

  • Commit to doing a timely review and investigation of your concern, dispute, or inquiry.
  • Responsibly enforce the banking laws and regulations of Maine.
  • Keep your file confidential.

The Bureau cannot:

  • Force the financial institution to satisfy your issue if no violation is identified.
  • Act as your lawyer or give you legal advice
  • The Bureau cannot get involved in concerns or disputes where you are represented by an attorney, are in litigation or where issues have been litigated.

The Bureau of Financial Institutions will help you resolve your banking issue, but please note that the Bureau is not the primary regulator of all banks and credit unions doing business in Maine. The Bureau will strive to address your concerns or questions, but may need to direct you to the proper state or federal regulator.

To find out which regulator supervises a particular financial institution, please review this comprehensive list of institutions operating in Maine to identify their regulator. Information about the other regulators may be found here - contact information.