Wireless Access – WiFi Services


Wireless service is designed to enhance flexibility for process and employee work functions.  It adds mobility to an environment allowing computing processes to authorized users and wireless tools throughout a facilities’ service area.  

  • SOM AIRE – State’s secured wireless network, two form factor authentications; certificate and AD credentials for State of Maine employees and staff augmentation

Benefits include

  • Flexibility in work and process flow within your work space through employee and tool mobility
  • Access to all authorized State of Maine systems via SOM AIRE
  • Ability to access Internet-based resources via SOM AIRE


  • Network connectivity via Wi-Fi, utilizing available 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac protocols
  • Secure Wide Area Network and Internet connectivity through SOM AIRE
  • Proactive network management of Wireless equipment
  • Client utilization and performance analysis
  • Site survey and capacity planning
  • WVoIP and QoS integration where applicable
  • Fully encrypted transport for SOM AIRE
  • State intranet access for SOM AIRE
  • Coordination of circuit installation and wireless component upgrades

Service Level Targets & Agreements

  • Target Service Availability is 99.9% within the Augusta Network Core Area and 99% at all other vendor carrier supported locations**
  • Clients should expect a minimum connection rate to the access point of 1 Mbps up to 1.7 Gbps, depending on the bandwidth to the site. Client wireless device capability and number of active users at a location can also affect user experience

SOM AIRE: For State personnel business usage. Downlink Minimum to the access point: 3 Mbps: Uplink Minimum: 5 Mbps***

  • Wireless Access is included within NETWORK RATE and billed individually for other authorized devices not currently under rates.  Any device accessing wireless only will be charged

Service Rates: Please see the MaineIT Rate Table 

  • This service is broadcast to customers 24 x 7 and adheres to the maintenance window schedule posted in the MaineIT change management process
  • Select locations will have guest access disabled upon agency request or when MaineIT Wireless Transport, in conjunction with office administrators, determine an excessive amount of non-State business
  • Support for service interruptions is 8am to 5pm next business day; bi-monthly maintenance downtime per the change management process each 3rd Sunday at 1:00pm on even numbered months

Options Available for Additional Charge (SOM Access Only)

  • Additional Wireless access point equipment required to provide Wi-Fi connectivity within any given agency location
  • Skilled MaineIT technician to connect access point to network equipment
  • Technical support for agency issued Wi-Fi enabled devices upon request
  • Temporary service installations: Time and Mileage billable for equipment provisioning and travel for deployment plus any applicable vendor costs for wiring, and a $50/month subscription fee
  • Internet access only for non-SOM AIRE
  • Vendor/Guest: 
    • Custom SSID for sponsored vendors, contractors and business partners for short term access available upon request by authorized sponsors 
    • Downlink parameters based upon 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac protocols
    • Password protected open access, internet only
    • 1 Mbps uplink and downlink
    • Password protected connections expire daily 
    • Sponsorship portal for authorized managers
    • Internet access for Vendor/Guest
    • Public Access Business Class: 
    • SSID broadcast for office or facility for sponsored general public access Downlink parameters based upon 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac protocols
    •  Password protected open access, internet only
    • 1 Mbps uplink and downlink
    • Rate and bandwidth availability based upon agency subscribed counts at the network access rate 
    • Additional cost maybe required depending on the availability of vendor capacities to the site
  • Public Access:
    • Agency must request SSID broadcast for your office or facility for public access
    • Downlink parameters based upon 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac protocols
    • Open access, internet only with 15-minute timeout period
    • Public Access is for "Incidental Guest Usage" bandwidth at be effort

Customer Expectations

  • Provide a completed service order with requirements
  • Billing code
  • Customer is responsible for the costs associated with wiring from telco closet to the access point. MaineIT is responsible for the coordination of installation
  • Facility physical infrastructure including power and secure telecommunications enclosure
  • Device connection to wireless access must meet: Security type: Device compatibility - WPA2 Enterprise, Encryption type: AES, Network Authentication: PEAP [EAP-MSCHAP v2] for SOM AIRE access
  • Abide by the State’s Mobile Device Policy - in PDF
  • Accept the Terms of Service where applicable
  • Individual users follow state IT use rules and policies, including all security policies
  • Report technology issues in a timely fashion
  • Provide the technician access to and availability of systems and components involved
  • Ensure a clean and safe work environment

MaineIT Wireless Transport

  • Service provisioning to include site survey within 30-45 days upon successful completion of assessment and design activities. Additional structured cabling and equipment requirements may delay service delivery
  • Plan and conduct routine maintenance to the infrastructure, resulting in optimum network performance and stability
  • 24 x 7 monitoring and management via MaineIT Wireless Transport group

To get help with your service

  • Contact Customer Services (Telco)

MaineIT Help Desk
(207) 624-7700

* Public Access wireless is transported at the lowest priority and is not to be relied upon for State of Maine official business.

** Target network availability outside Augusta is limited by vendor carrier network

*** Speeds at remote locations may be limited by site connection speeds and user density with no less than 1Mbps per end device