Network Access – WAN/LAN Services


Network Access provides connectivity for authorized State provided, MaineIT approved tools and computers to support State of Maine employee and agency sponsored contractors. Network Services is designed to provide employee access to State of Maine core services and technologies, file services, Oracle services, SharePoint, email, internet data services, and SOM voice over internet protocol phone system.


  • Connection to local switching equipment at - 1000MbE
  • Secure Wide Area network and Internet connectivity
  • Proactive network management of WAN and LAN equipment
  • Network Utilization and performance analysis
  • Network Capacity planning
  • VoIP and QoS integration where appropriate
  • Network equipment required to provide building connectivity as well as connection to the building telco closets
  • Coordination of circuit installation and facilities upgrades
  • Skilled technician to interconnect telco closet station wiring to network equipment
  • UPS protection for network and Voice over IP equipment for power outages less than ten minutes
  • Bandwidth at some sites will be limited to “equal to or less than” the commercial vendor connection speed with minimal speed at 1Mb/s per user


  • Connecting or troubleshooting to non-State issued business devices
  • Troubleshooting systems, programs, applications or platforms which are end of life or end of support
  • Network resolution planning and execution for unvetted or untested third-party applications, systems or processes
  • Transporting traffic from personal use devices to include but not limited to gaming consoles, digital assistants (e.g. Alexa), personal PCs, wireless devices, or personal cell phones

Service Level Targets & Availability

  • Standard Service Level Agreement based on customer priority preference requested within FootPrints:
    • Low Priority - Maximum two business days to reply and resolved within 10 business days or less
    • Medium Priority - Maximum one business day to reply and resolved within 6 business days or less
    • High Priority - Maximum 4 hours to reply and resolved within 2 business days
    • Urgent - Immediate response by service manager or designee; response team identified within 30 minutes Solution as soon as possible; all team members on task until resolved; goal is 4 hours.
  • Target Service Availability for total building connectivity:
    • 99.999% Data center connectivity
    • 99.99% to facilities within the Augusta Network Core Area
    • 99% to facilities at all other Vendor Carrier supported locations.
  • Agencies should ensure procured technical solutions are capable of operating with the following technical parameters prior to purchase:
    • Internet latency greater than 70 milliseconds for systems going outside of the State of Maine network
    • Network latency up to 40 milliseconds for State of Maine sites connected to vendor circuits
    • Network latency of up to 10 milliseconds for sites on the AMHI, Cross Office Building or Central Maine Commerce Center campuses
    • MTU size of 1500
  • 24x7 Technical support of core services and critical sites* is provided 24 x 7
  • Service Center availability is 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday excluding all posted holidays
  • Outside hours by special arrangement with an agency
  • Limited support is available for after business hours, weekends, and holidays

Service Rates: Please see the MaineIT Rate Table 

Options Available for Additional Charge

  • Vendor Escort Physical/virtual - $60/hr per technician
  • Application mapping and/or troubleshooting -$134/hr per technician
  • Laptop/desktop computer performance analysis -$134/hr per technician
  • Virtual switch fabric mapping and/or troubleshooting - $134/hr per technician
  • Troubleshooting cloud vendor connectivity beyond the State of Maine demarcation point for the internet service provider $134/hr per technician
  • Port activation requiring technician dispatch - $60/hr per technician
  • Projects implementation affecting Data Center and/or Network architecture - $134/hr per technician
  • High Availability (HA) at cost for additional hardware and bandwidth as applicable plus $134/hr per technician
  • Hardware data encryption at cost of equipment, licensing and any necessary bandwidth increases plus $134/hr per technician
  • Vendor Remote Access at cost for necessary bandwidth increases, security tools, and infrastructure plus $134/hr per technician
  • Network cables, both Fiber and copper, will be at cost plus any applicable contractor fees (estimates provided prior to project initiation)
  • Temporary switch installations: $134/hr for Network Equipment Programming plus any applicable vendor costs for wiring plus $200/month subscription fee
  • Connections requiring more than 1Mb/s per user including, but not limited to; those supporting higher bandwidth consuming applications; streaming media (cameras/video teleconferencing); high definition graphics downloads; or remote server support at remote sites, will be charged a higher rate **

Customer Expectations

  • Completed service request - NOTE: New service requests and office moves may be subject to vendor availability. Please provide MaineIT 45 days lead time. Commercial carrier installation may extend this timeframe.
  • Wiring from telecommunication closet to desktop must meet MaineIT wiring standards (link to Tom’s standards document)
  • Customer is responsible for the costs associated with wiring from telco closet to the network wall jacks are the responsibility of the ordering agency. MaineIT is responsible for the coordination of installation
  • Provide an accurate description of expected use
  • Billing code
  • Provide a completed service order with requirements
  • Report technology issues in a timely fashion
  • Provide the technician access to and availability of systems and components involved
  • Ensure a clean and safe work environment
  • Provide a two-week notice for all new port requests - less than a two-week notice may result in delayed or incomplete orders
  • Provide adequate secure space for network closets to house racks, UPS, State Network devices and Vendor Network devices
  • Provide adequate environmental conditions for Network devices:
    • HVAC
    • Dust controlled
    • Humidity controlled
    • Clean AC power

To order services or change existing ones

  • Orders for new installations, changes, moves or removal of services are required to go through your Agency’s Telco Coordinator

How to report trouble with your service

Contact customer service center at 207-624-7700

To Escalate

Contact Data Network Supervisor Jason Box
Systems Section Manager, Data Network
(207) 624-9897

* “Critical Sites” are identified through negotiation with MaineIT and recorded through Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

** Bandwidth at sites connected through commercial circuits will be limited to “equal to or less than” the commercial vendor connection speed.