File and Print Services


This service provides shared (networked) printing and centralized file storage and retrieval for networked workstations. Files may be set up to be accessed by one or many users.


Enterprise File Services — Active Directory provides a centralized file service, with single sign-on for Windows computers and users that are part of the Enterprise Active Directory.

  • Printers — Universal print drivers are defined in PrinterLogic
  • Backups — AD is backed up regularly and securely, both on-site and off-site
  • Physical Security — the servers supporting the AD infrastructure are located in the State of Maine datacenters and Azure
  • State of Maine AD is used for configuration, management, and security-policy enforcement for the servers managed by the Windows team. For desktop users, the Windows team works with Local IT Support and Standard Desktop Support
  • Networked home directory that is available to back up and store critical information
  • These services are made available through State of Maine's Active Directory (AD) infrastructure. File and Print provides staff with this storage to allow for the regular backup of the critical files on your computer
  • Network Group storage is available to back up and store critical information for a Department or Agency. Critical files include documents that you create, research materials, or need to be shared for business use
  • Varonis Enterprise Data Security is provided for all File Print servers (data center servers and physical servers outside the data center)


  • Servers are configured to match the requirements of IRS standards (Safeguard & P1075.
  • Administrative fine grain password policy is based on the SCSEM for server admin accounts
  • NESSUS scans are available from security team
  • Nexpose scans are required for deployment certification

Service Level Targets & Availability

The standard production published service level agreement can be viewed at the following link: Standard_SLA_CTS_Production Services. A formal SLA has not been developed specific to this service.

Normal, default coverage is 7AM – 5PM, Monday – Friday. 24x7 coverage is available for systems with a specific need for this type of coverage in order to have 24x7 coverage, MaineIT needs to receive a written business justification. Once justification has been approved, MaineIT will work with the business on a service level agreement for the specific systems. Additional charges associated with extended coverage will be defined in the SLA.

Service Rates: Please see the MaineIT Rate Table

Options Available for Additional Charge:

  • Any storage will be charged the converged storage published rate, of $0.30 per gigabyte per month
  • For field servers, existing or new, outside the data center, servers will be billed at the Windows physical server monthly rate plus cost of UPS and replacement UPS batteries. Storage and backup rates will apply
  • All project work is billable
  • All audit related work is billable
  • All costs associated with Indefinite Hold requests will be direct billed

Customer Expectations

  • Disclosures of any/all security requirements
  • Individual agencies are responsible to acquire and maintain printers
  • Billing for services will start as of the time the ticket is received for the request for any production service. If a test environment is requested, those services will be billed as well upon receiving the ticket for the request. A ticket needs to be received to remove the service in order for it not to be billed. No credits will be processed without a ticket
  • Core Technology needs to maintain a "maintenance window". This allows for routine maintenance on the backup infrastructure components. Core Technology provides this service after business hours and is coordinated by Core Technology
  • In the event that MaineIT has a need for equipment to be located in buildings outside of its main datacenters, access to these buildings will need to be granted to support staff during normal business hours
  • If there is a 24x7 requirement for this equipment or any system supported by this equipment, access to the building will need to be 24x7 as well as 24-hour network support is required for the building. Physical access to the hardware is required by MaineIT for the maintenance time period

Technical Specifications:

  • Datacenter Server
    • Server procurement and management
    • Server network connection/connections
    • Facilities management (security, UPS, generators, HVAC)
    • Operating system backup
    • Primary and secondary server administration support
    • All MaineIT overhead costs (facilities, personnel, etc.)
    • Patch management
    • OS support
    • Virus protection
    • Security - server hardening
    • Server hardware monitoring
    • 24 x 7 data center monitoring/coverage

To get help or order this service

  • Call MaineIT Service Center at 624-7700 and assign to the MaineIT Application Server team