Accessibility Testing & Web Services


The MaineIT Accessibility Team & Web Services Team with in the Office of Information Technology are providing accessibility testing and web support services to agencies.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Accessibility Testing Service

Accessibility testing is the testing of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), specifically electronic content (email, electronic documents, software, web applications, and websites), against established accessibility standards. The State of Maine requires all ICT developed, bought, or contracted by the State, for internal use and/or for external use, to meet minimum standards (WCAG 2.0 Level AA). ICT procured through a vendor has the option of having the testing being completed by the state, the vendor themselves, or a third party. All test documentation must be submitted through a state agency representative.

The MaineIT Accessibility Testing Team has adopted the DHS Trusted Tester process for the testing of web and desktop applications. Electronic documents are tested following the AED COP guidance for WCAG 2.0 Level AA. State Agency websites are tested using an automated web crawler with a manual inspection by agency webmasters.

Web Services

These services encompass the technical, hands on, and implementation aspects of ensuring agency/department website(s)/pages are of a high quality and in compliance with state web standards and policies. They include:

  • Website creation and maintenance such as adding text or links to the page; formatting content in HTML; updating pre approved content; ensuring content logical, appropriate and clear
  • Work with agency staff to update content in accord with the agency procedures, mission and message
  • Develop webpage headers, footers and logos
  • Implement and update agency web pages to the new versions of the State templates, ensuring effective flow of information, compliance, and accessibility
  • Provide base-level hands-on training on State approved software and web tools: ie. Drupal, Dreamweaver, What's New, etc.
  • Provide temporary Web Coordination/Webmaster services during long or short term absence due to illness, short/long term disability, training, reallocation of the personnel on temp basis; etc…
  • Browser Compatibility: a review of web content to ensure compatibility with browsers listed in the State Web Standards to ensure compliance with policy and a high level of user-friendliness
  • Accessibility: comprehensive reports which provide an analysis of its website measuring compliance with state and federal accessibility policy. Conduct the website/application evaluations on a regular scheduled basis for various quality issues including broken links, and standards compliance

Service Level Targets & Availability

The standard production published service level agreement can be viewed at the following link:

A formal SLA has not been developed specific to this service.

Default coverage is 7AM - 5PM, Monday - Friday.

Service Rates:

  • Accessibility Testing is provided at no charge to agencies.
  • Please see the MaineIT Rate Table for the Web Services rate.

Options Available for Additional Charge

  • All project work is billable
  • All audit related work is billable

See the MaineIT Rate Table 

Customers (users) responsibilities

  • Individual users follow state IT use rules and policies, including all security policies
  • A contact person and backup are designated to interface with the MaineIT team
  • Any issues or problems with this service are reported to the MaineIT team as promptly and with as complete information as possible
  • Billing for services will start as of the time the ticket is received for the request for any production service
  • A ticket needs to be received to remove the service for it not to be billed
  • No credits will be processed without a ticket

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