O I T Accessibility

The State of Maine is committed to making its information and communication technology (ICT) accessible and usable by everyone. To that end the OIT Accessibility Testing Team evaluates the state's information and communication technology for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) through WCAG 2.0 and Section 508.

All information on this site is to promote a better user experience for State of Maine customers and employees and does not constitute an endorsement or legal advice.

Future and In-progress Work

  • Reincorporate usability testing as part of our testing process.
  • Incorporate the new success criteria from WCAG 2.1.
  • Incorporate PDF/UA as an additional requirement for PDFs.
  • Increasing the accessibility and usability of State of Maine IT.
  • Develop a training program for OIT staff.
  • Promote the use of Universal Design principles external link in state government.
  • Promote the use of Inclusive Design external link in state government.
  • Review our IT procurement process to ensure our vendors are aware of accessibility requirements.

Your Tech

If you are having a difficult time interacting with an electronic device, that device likely has settings that can provide you with a better experience. Accessibility is not just for those that have a documented disability. Examples: Having a web page being read by a screen reader when the screen doesn't zoom properly, or watching a news video and having captions and audio descriptions when you are in a public place and can't have the volume on.




Windows 10

ICT Accessibility Feedback

If you are having trouble with a State of Maine website, a state web / desktop application, or a state electronic document, please let us know by filling out the following form. Please be specific about the user experience or accessibility issue you are having. We will take your feedback and work with the responsible agency to review the issues raised and take remediation steps if necessary. If you need an accomodation, please contact the responsible agency directly.

If you would like someone to follow up with you please provide your name and an email address. Only the details field is required (*).