Digital Talking Book Player Player and Cartridge

Digital player, [left] The new cartridge in its blue mailing case, [right]

The player [on the left in the picture] is dark charcoal grey to allow for good contrast between the case and the colorful buttons. The new cartridge [on the right in the picture] is the size of a cassette but longer and wider than the old one with half the thickness.

Most Used Controls

  • The Rewind, Play, and Fast Forward buttons are near the front center of the player.
  • The green square button is the Play button to stop and start playback of the book.
  • The Rewind and Fast Forward actions are controlled with the white triangular buttons to the left and right of the green Play button.
  • Turn the player on and off with the red Power button.
  • Put the player to sleep after 30 minutes by pressing the white Sleep button.
  • Move the volume up or down with the yellow arrowhead-shaped Volume buttons

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