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There are a number of ways to access digital content from past issues of Maine newspapers:

  • E-Editions - This collection includes pdf versions of all of Maine's daily papers and many weekly newspapers. Dates vary by title. E-edition files can only be accessed from computers in the library.
  • Maine Newsstand - Article-level content from most of Maine's daily newspapers is available through a licensed database that we make available to all Maine residents. Content can by any computer geographically located in Maine.
  • Historical Issues - A growing number of historical newspapers are being made available online through various digitization efforts. The links below provide access to any of the content that is available free of charge.

E-Edition : Jan 2020 - present

Maine Newsstand : Jul 1, 1993 - present

Historical Issues : Oct 1970 - Dec 1998

E-Edition : July 2019 - present

Maine Newsstand : Oct 1995 - present

Historical Issues : Jun 1862 - Feb 1901

E-Edition : Jul 2019 - present

Maine Newsstand : Jan 26, 2006 - present

E-Edition : May 2019 - present

Maine Newsstand : Aug 21, 2005 - present

E-Edition : Dec 2019 - present

Maine Newsstand : Aug 21, 2005 - present

Historical Issues : Jan 1870 - March 1898

E-Edition : Jan 2020 - present

Other Maine Newspaper Resources

E-Editions of select Maine weekly newspapers

List of digitized historical Maine newspapers

Maine Newsstand content from Maine Times (Feb 1994 - April 2002)

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