Photography and Filming in the Library

The most significant priority for the Maine State Library is to provide library services to our constituency, as fully described in the Library’s Mission Statement.  In order to protect the rights and safety of Library patrons, volunteers, and staff, photographing and filming in the library is allowed only to the extent that it does not interfere with the provision of library services and is consistent with the Library’s Mission Statement and Rules of Conduct. 

Any persons approved to photograph or film on library premises have sole responsibility for gaining all necessary consents and releases from persons who are filmed or photographed. (See Application and Release Forms at bottom of page).  The Library undertakes no responsibility for obtaining these releases. 

  • Photographing and/or filming and/or audio recording of members of the public, members of the Library staff on duty, and public programs (unless permission has been granted in advance by Library management) are prohibited.
  • The recording of a library program provides the opportunity to widely promote a program and engage broad public awareness and interest.  Library-initiated programming permissions have priority over other requests.  All requests are processed by application.  Please submit the Filming Application Form to
  • News media photographers and reporters who are doing stories or projects that directly involve the library and its programs must obtain advance authorization for such photography.
  • Casual amateur photography may be permitted (by Library management) in library facilities for patrons and visitors wanting a remembrance of their visit.  Photographing must not interfere or disturb other patron use. 
  • The Library may grant permission for school-age students to use its facilities for stories or projects that do not relate to the library itself upon written request and after review by Library management.
  • Groups arranging meetings in meeting room spaces may arrange for photographers and news media during their event.  Photography for such events is restricted to the space reserved by the group and may not take place in other areas of the library unless permission has been provided by library management in advance.
  • We ask that you refrain from the use of flash equipment in reading rooms and other areas in which it might disturb Library users.
  • Equipment such as tripods may not obstruct passageways or cause disturbances to Library users.

Please note that the Maine State Library frequently engages in photographing and recording programs and events for its own publicity and promotional purposes.  Library staff will make every effort to notify members of the public when filming and audiorecording is taking place.  Please notify a Library staff member if you do not want to be photographed or recorded.

Application and Release Forms: