Maine State Library Internet Use Policy

The Maine State Library's electronic resources may be used only for purposes that are legal and conducive to a public environment. As with other library resources, restriction of a minor's access to the internet is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.

User Responsibilities

  1. No sign in required to use the public computers; simply help yourself to any available station.
  2. Abide by 1 hour time limit.
  3. Pay for all printed copies (15 cents/page for black and white prints, 25 cents/page for color prints).
  4. Do not change settings, wallpaper, etc.; do not save/download; do not install hardware/software.
  5. Do not shut down computers; click the Home icon when finished.
  6. Patrons may save to their own memory sticks (the Library is not responsible for loss or damage).
  7. The user is responsible for any damage resulting from connection of users' personal computer equipment or peripherals to MSL computers.
  8. Privacy cannot be guaranteed; all computers are in public areas and must be used as such.
  9. Any copyright law infringement by the patron is solely his/her responsibility.

Unacceptable Uses

  1. The viewing of sexually graphic and/or explicit materials is expressly prohibited on Maine State Library computers.
  2. Users may not use computers for illegal or criminal activity including the sending or receiving, printing or displaying of child pornography.
  3. Harassment of other computer users (here or at any other location); unauthorized access to accounts of others; libel or slander of others; solicitation of minors; hacking; spamming are all prohibited.
  4. Violation of computer security or software license agreements is prohibited.

Failure to abide by the provisions of this policy will result in the loss of library privileges including, but not limited to, use of the Library computers. Illegal acts involving the public computers will be subject to prosecution by local, state and federal authorities.

Acceptance of Policy

Signing in and/or use of Maine State Library computers is considered de facto acceptance of these policies.

Rev. 03/2012