Summary of the National Register Application Process

I. Determination of Eligibility

The first step towards having a property in Maine listed on the National Register of Historic Places is to determine if it is eligible for the program. Property owners who wish to have their properties evaluated are asked to complete the eligibility assessment form.

II. Nomination Preparation

The National Register Registration/Nomination form includes a detailed description of the property, an outline of its history, and a narrative that explains why the property is significant and how it meets the National Register criteria. All nominations must be prepared in accordance with the MHPC National Register Submission Guidelines, the National Register Bulletin, 16A "How to Complete the National Register Registration Form," and the National Register Photographic Policy

National Register Guidelines and Policies 

III. Nomination Submission Deadlines

In order to schedule presentation of a nomination to the Review Board a completed nomination must be received by the Commission in accordance with the the submission deadlines, which are updated annual.

IV. Review Board presentation

Each property recommended by the Commission for nomination is presented to the State Review board at one of their meetings, held each January, April, July and October.   

Review Board Schedule

For a more detailed explanation of the process:

If you have any questions regarding the National Register nomination process, please contact the National Register Coordinator at (207) 287-5435, or